by Julie Solomon

The only pitching program that teaches influencers & bloggers how to move from one-off paid-to-post content to long-term, big bucks brand collabs—all in just one week.

You may have wondered…

How do bloggers & influencers go from the

“Look at me in my snazzy outfit—walking into the weekend” free product posts…


Maybe this sounds all too familiar. Are you…


Feeling like you’ve plateaued your followers (thanks, algorithm). You’ve heard there are brands out there that would work with an influencer with your follower count, but you still don’t know how to land those partnerships.


Hitting publish on a beautiful post after hours and hours of hard Gramworthy work … just to get crickets and maybe a couple new followers—when what you were GOING for was being featured on LiketoKNOW.It’s feed. Womp womp.


Struggling to find unique ways to get your blog (and feed!) noticed among the hundreds of fashion/mommy/health/[insert niche] blogs and social feeds out there.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated trying to land paid campaigns as an influencer…

Or even confused with HOW to get out of the affiliate income rate race & connect directly with brands in the first place…

…lean in for a second.

Because yes, you can diversify your income with brand deals.

You don’t have to just depend on affiliate sales.

You’re a smart content creator who knows 2018 is about growing an authentic, respectable following that celebrates creativity—not bot-charged, grid perfection (though you’re #goals for a pretty iPhone pic).

You love the idea of getting out of the affiliate rat race & booking your own brand collabs…

…but where to begin? And how on earth do you make a “media kit” anyway?

You’re not out to be the next Kardashian: Your goal isn’t to be followed by everyone. Your goal is to share a message, boomerang, and blog or two that maybe just that one girl really needs.

But between boosted posts and $10 here and there from followers shopping your pics, you’re not exactly hitting those income goals you penned with your manicured hand back in January…

…it’s more like, you feel emotionally and spiritually and literally bankrupt from living the affiliate rat race.

Oh, friend. There is a better way.

Imagine being able to have courage to reach out to the brands that will pay the bucks.

You’d know just how to word your emails and have your head hit the pillow at night knowing just what to expect without the back-and-forth ping-pong game of negotiation with PR reps.

A pitch-ready strategy in hand, you’d line up the photog, style up the product, and tag the heavy-hitters, knowing you’d just made a dent in the internet—and in this month’s rent.

See ya later, intimidation factor. You know how to value your time and your worth while doing what you love and creating beauty.

It’s time to hit the keyboard, send better pitches, and up your paid campaign prowess.

And that, my influencer friend, is why I created a solution…


The only pitching program that teaches influencers & bloggers how to move from one-off paid-to-post content to long-term, big bucks brand collabs—all in just one week.

I’ve custom-designed Pitch It Perfect for bloggers and influencers like you, so you can market this thing with REAL strategy—and less of a “Hail Mary/let’s see if this works” strategy.

And now?

I’m handing it over to you.

These are the very secrets I used to land coverage for clients with GRAMMYs and New York Times bestseller nods… and then finally my own side-hustle lifestyle blog.

I was shopping with my girlfriends in LA one day, when I spied a cute shirt, flipped open my app, and realized I couldn’t buy it—it wasn’t part of the affiliate program.

And that’s when it hit me. I couldn’t do this rat race anymore.

There had to be a better way.

I started applying tactics, strategies, and pitch secrets I’d honed for years in my 9-to-5 to my blog, and quickly generated $5k/month in brand deals (slightly more than my affiliate sales, wink).

And now, teach thousands of influencers & bloggers just like you how to secure brand deals just like a PR pro.

Pitch It Perfect is made up of…


All the templates, resources, and pricing tools I use to hone what a brand should be… and counter back to PR reps with confidence.


Easy to follow lessons with 14 video trainings, teaching you the step-by-step processes I’ve taught to bloggers who make 5-figures a month without some crazy, 100K following.


Ongoing live support & brand deal opps… I’m dedicated to helping you grow. Throughout the program—and then forever!—post your questions in our private community, and get specific feedback from hundreds of other influencers and me + my team. What’s more? As a publicist, I get loads of deals and opportunities across my desk… and you know who’s first to know? YOU. My Pitch It Perfect students!

PLUS, you’ll get the exact framework I’ve used to help influencers…


Increase followers from 7K to 40K followers in her first year of blogging, and land a brand deal for more than $5K in the process.


Increase paid brand deals by $500 each what one blogger used to land.


Increase collab payments from free product to $1,600 for 1 YouTube video, 2 Instagram posts, and 4 Instagram products.


Increase paid deals in general… even if you’ve had 2+ years of blogging and pitching with goose-egg results.

is basically like the pretty filter that eliminates the headache of…


Honing what you want your brand to be and what you want people to take away from it.


Seeing how collab deals are structured financially… and pulling together a media kit.


Getting over the intimidation factor of reaching out to brands—it’s time to have courage to word your emails and know what to expect with the back and forth.


Knowing how to explain your worth to brands, so you can nix the entitled feelings and craft a real strategy that pays your bills… without making your hard-earned, non-bot-built audience run for the hills.

Working with Julie and her expertise on branding, blogging, PR, and then fusing it all together has helped me tremendously in my own blog.”


Here’s what you get inside Pitch It Perfect Program:

1. The Purpose of Pitching

  • The 3 Brand Essentials that brands are looking for… and how you can target & solve their problems.
  • The Best Way to Figure Out What Brands Even Want—plus, the 2 things that they’ll look for on your feed, so you can easy-peasy tee them up in your Planoly/scheduling app of choice.
  • My 4-point filter to see if you should even pitch a brand or not. Hey, I’m looking out for YOU, and we can’t just bow down to the all-powerful brands. We need to make sure your hard-work benefits, too!


  • Secret … you’ve gotta let the brand know you see their work. I’ll tell you how to look out for the collabs that are happening around you, to give you a one-up in your connection with the brand.
  • My Pitching By the Numbers Worksheet, so you can see how brands are inundated with requests … and walk with me as I tell you how you can stand out in all that noise.
  • The Elevator Pitch Template, the paint-by-number equation to copy/paste into your Instagram bio, blog sidebar blurb, and beyond.
  • The Ultimate How to Training for Your Media Kit: From the number of brand fonts and colors to how long it should be (and where pricing goes), I’ll tell you everything … and show you samples.

3. Pitching Principles

  • The 2 Things You Should Never Do in a Pitch—and it’s ok. No judgement here if you’ve done this! We’re just gonna get you on the right track to letting the brands know you are a dreamboat fit.
  • Who (& When) to Pitch Anyway. I’m spilling the beans on who actually reads pitch emails, and who doesn’t … plus, what time to send your pitches.
  • How to Google and Find the Right Contact—let’s pull back the veil on what online tools, apps, and websites will give you the right contact information so lo and behold, the right email comes up (the first time).

4. Pitching Practices

  • The Attention-Grabbing Headline Cheatsheet. From number of words to content, I’ll teach you how to to stand out in the subject line.
  • Over 15 Influencer Pitch Templates so you know just how to write to PR reps, both in content and layout, from media contributions and beyond (and even a few for if you’re just starting out).
  • 3 Steps to Negotiation Strategy—and my 7 Must-Ask Negotiation Questions. Don’t you worry your pretty little head: I’ll shoot you straight on how to ask for MORE than just product (which doesn’t pay the grocery bill).
  • Behind the Scenes of 4 Successful Pitches: From sponsored Instagram posts to blogs, range pitches to specific numbers, we’ll dig into real life examples of how this all goes down.

5. Post-Pitching

  • The Follow-Up Email Template–my secret weapon in charming the pants off your new PR rep contacts with a thoughtful engagement that helps them out with their goals … to get love, you gotta get love, and this is how it’s done with smarts.
  • Why You Need a Contract to legitimize you as a brand so you don’t get burned … plus, accounting and invoicing 101 for influencers.
  • Next Action Steps—I’m holding your hand as we talk about next steps and how to implement, from your copy to marketing to your target audience and beyond.

PLUS, you also get instant access to…


20+ different worksheets and printables


15+ Email Pitch Templates


Sample Contract Template


Sample Invoice Template

How Influencers Like You are Using Pitch It Perfect

“I would truly pay for this course 50 times over because it was simply THAT good.”

“I was somewhat new to the blogging world, and Julie was the perfect mentor. After completing the course, my blog began seeing 20K+ pageviews, and my Instagram followers grew from 7K to 40K+ all in one year! More importantly, I was able to start making upwards of $4,000-$5,000 monthly (on brand deals alone) in my FIRST year of blogging. With resources in this program, I was even able to negotiate and land my first $5,500 brand deal with one well-known, reputable company that I strongly admire—a dream come true! As I’m continuing to see a steady growth in numbers across my blog and social media outlets, that dollar amount is also steadily climbing – all thanks to Pitch It Perfect! PIP was the absolute best, most informative program for this industry that I have come across.

-Peyton Baxter

“I recently landed two of my biggest paid brand deals to date.”

“Julie’s Pitch It Perfect course has truly been a game-changer in my blogging career. Her pitch strategies and emails have given me the confidence to reach out to brands I never would have before. I recently landed two of my biggest paid brand deals to date, which were $500 more each than what I used to land, all by using negotiation tips from the course! I love how she lays everything out in an honest and realistic way, and I definitely recommend the course to anyone who is looking to take their blogging career to the next level.”

– Hunter Premo

“I just landed a $1,600 offer with a brand.”

“Instead of free product, I got a decent offer that I didn’t even have to pitch for after working through Julie’s program. It turns out the agency owner representing the brand had been following me for some time and is a fan of my content. The offer involves a short YouTube video, two IG posts, and 4 IG stories—I didn’t even have to pitch for it. It’s exciting to get a decent offer instead of free product!”

– Julie Wilcox

“I’ve had about 4-5 sponsored collaborations so far!”

“One in particular was only willing to gift me free product and after I turned them down using the templates from Pitch It Perfect, they immediately offered me my biggest compensation to date—more than I expected! I’m also currently working on another one with one of my favorite beauty brands. It’s amazing how much power lies in just asking for what you’re worth. This month was so good to me thanks to all Julie’s tools and advice.”

-Itzy Canales

Okay, Julie. How does this Pitch It Perfect thing work?


Click the button below, tap your mouse through the check-out, and boom: in just a few minutes, an email will hit your inbox (lookout for the subject line Pitch It Perfect, You’re In: Next Steps!) with login details and a link to our private community.


Schedule out time (about 4-5 hours!) over the next week to study up on the 6 modules—they’re all ready and waiting on you! Can’t dive in right away? No worries. You’ve got lifetime access.


One week from today, you’re emailing with PR and brand reps like a boss. From pricing and negotiation tactics down to the wording of your pitches, you’re explaining your value and securing paid content!


But, you may be a fit for Pitch It Perfect if…


You’re not obsessed with being an Insta-celeb. C’mon now. You KNOW beauty samples and YouTube followers don’t pay the tab during a girls night on the town. You’re more social media lover than socialite, and very okay with that.


You’re pro-authentic growth, thumbs down bots. You’re a smart cookie, and with algorithm smarts these days, you know that true engagement with your followers is what’s going to tick those numbers up, up, up—and that doesn’t happen in two sleeps.


You’re a hard-worker. Watching my parents raise me taught me the value of a little elbow grease, and that’s how Pitch It Perfect works, too.


You’d rather learn “how to fish” yourself. Sure, you could hire someone like me every time you wanted to secure deals. But that’s not my goal (plus, it’d be expensive). I want to teach you how to do this on your own, so you don’t have to hire me or someone like me ever again, if you don’t want to. I could either fish for you or teach you to fish… and I think you know what the best choice is.


You’ve been at blogging for a while, just haven’t landed those regular 4-digit brand partnerships. You know even if your content is good, that doesn’t translate into followers/hits/growth, and you’re ready to learn how that works.


You’re brand new, and fire-cracker ready to roll. Your goal isn’t to be followed by everyone, but to share a message that maybe just that one person really needs—let’s start out together on the right foot.

So… what’s the cost of all this?

Yup. You could keep at the post-for-product exchange, rack up a pretty sweet samples drawer, and still feel like the glam life of your feed is a distant cry from what’s *actually* in your bank account.

Or, you could get over the intimidation factor of reaching out to brands once and for all.

You could move beyond likes … and move towards Friday paydays with coaching and a supportive, private community of other hard-working influencers and bloggers landing coverage and growing their accounts.

Swipe the very step-by-step pitch system I use to leverage brands, influencers, and bloggers:

Let’s get you from pitch crickets to paid campaigns.

Your investment for Pitch It Perfect program:

One-time Payment of


All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated.

Or Two Payments of


All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated.

About your instructor:

Hey! I’m Julie—a New York Times best-selling publicist and LA lifestyle blogger with a Tennessee accent, sweet husband and 4-year-old, and a passion for helping bloggers and influencers like you.

I’ve co-owned a business (OMG! Publicity) and helped land amazing artists, authors, entrepreneurs and bloggers land ink in publications from Forbes to Elle Magazine. Clearly with a thing for pages, I went on to spearheaded book campaigns that broke New York Times Best-Selling records under Michael Hyatt at Thomas Nelson Publishers, and worked with dozens of best-selling authors who have collectively sold over 100 million books worldwide.

But now? It’s back to the digital page: I work with bloggers, entrepreneurs, and authors, like  ABC’s The Bachelorette Emily Maynard, best-selling author Emily Ley, Lifestyle Blogger Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, and YouTuber Angela Lanter to grow brands into seven-figure businesses.

The bottom line? I don’t believe your hard work should go unpaid.

Content creation is no joke—and you deserve to be paid for the audience you’ve worked so hard to bring together, no matter the size.

And now’s the time to hand over the education to YOU!

What others have asked before joining Pitch It Perfect?

Who is the right fit for this program?

If you want to learn how to use effective pitch strategies to reach more brands and collaborators, convert more gifted offers into paying offers, and learn how to build the confidence you need to negotiate your best and the fairest rate for collaborations, Pitch It Perfect is for you. Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

Beginners who are just starting out in the influencer space who want to hit the ground running with the most impact possible. Pitch It Perfect will make sure you are equipped with the best strategies and support to get started the right way.

Established influencers who may have hit a plateau, or, are looking for refreshing strategies to up-level their online influence. Pitch It Perfect will teach you timeless pitch techniques so you can authentically build relationships, negotiate higher paid offers, and grow your profits.

Bloggers and Influencers who have what it takes to pitch themselves to brands, but just haven't mustered up the courage to hit send on the email. Pitch It Perfect will teach you how to fully leverage pitching with confidence —even if you are shy or flat out terrified.

Bloggers and influencers who are tired of going at this alone! Pitch It Perfect has a super engaged and supportive community that helps each other every day solve pitch and negotiating problems, overcome struggles and thrive in this space.

I don't live in the US, can I still take the course?

Yes, we have students from all over the world in our community, mostly coming from the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. The course is spoken and written in English.

Do I get one-on-one coaching from Julie included in Pitch It Perfect?

This course does not offer one-on-one coaching with Julie. However, you do get access to Julie in our members-only group where she and her team answer your questions. She also hosts live Hot Seats each month, where she dives deeper into your challenges and issues in real time to help you clarify a productive plan of action.

Do I get access to all of Julie's brand contacts included in Pitch It Perfect?

The industry moves at an insanely fast pace, and so do its significant players. Adding and continuously updating brand contacts in Pitch It Perfect would not be the best use of time. However, when brand opportunities or deals come across the community's desk (which is frequently), these opportunities are shared by our community in our members-only group. However, if you are looking to purchase Pitch It Perfect just for brand contacts, this is not the right course for you. We do not guarantee to share any brand contacts at any time as part of the program.

Do I need to have had my blog for years!?

No way, girl! Whether you’ve had your blog since before it was cool to SAY you have a blog, wink, or you’re fresh into your first few months, you’re just fine and right on track in the Pitch It Perfect community. In fact, we’ve had stellar success stories from women in their very first year of blogging—like Peyton, mentioned above, who started making $4-5K monthly in her first year of blogging … all from brand deals.

How many followers on social media do I have to have to be able to do this? More than 500? 10K?

Probably not as many as you think. 🙂 We’ve had success stories come out of Pitch It Perfect with less than 10K followers—I teach about building an organic following, so you’ll never hear me tell you to leverage bots for growth or practice follow/unfollow habits. I’ve seen much better results when influencers spend time building an authentic following, because when your engagement rates rock, you’ll be much more suited to pitch brands. And don’t worry—I teach you all about figuring the math behind those rates before you pitch, too!

Will you teach me how to bill… and how much to even charge? Oh, and how to introduce my rate if they’re only offering gifted product and negotiate?

You got it. We talk actual numbers and specifics, when to bring them up and how to negotiate a higher offer, all the way to how exactly to invoice, so you’re covered.

I don’t think I have time for this?? How long does it take?

I didn’t create Pitch It Perfect to be a huge, bulky system to gather digital dust in your inbox—instead, it was specifically created to give actionable, to-the-point info so you can get through it in about a week … the goal is to get you through the Pitch It Perfect system so we can start getting you some brand deals! Most of my students have said that they were able to knock it out in short spurts in the evenings and weekends. The beauty of it all? The private community, templates, and curriculum are there for you to constantly reference as you pitch and catch brand deals for years to come.

How quickly will I get access to the materials and private community?

How does instantly sound? 🙂 As soon as you click the button above and enroll, I’ll pop into your inbox with login info so you can hop into the program. In Module 1, you’ll find a button to request access to the private community, so you can jump inside and begin chatting with like-minded influencers, see what’s working for them, and get feedback from me and my team.

How long do I get access?

This is for life, friend! As long as the internet is around, you’ll have capability to reference Pitch It Perfect files, videos, templates, and community resources. I’m not planning on going anywhere, and I’m here to make sure this investment pays off for as long as you want to have a career in the influencing space.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the immediate, direct access to all course materials, videos and assets, we do not offer refunds of any kind for Pitch It Perfect or Instantly Influence. Please read the details and description of each module on so you understand exactly what you are buying. It’s like registering for a college course. If you register with the intent to learn, but don’t show up, the school doesn’t give you a refund. Same rules apply here. Please do not enroll if you just want to "check it out." We have put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this program, and we expect you to do the same. Pitch It Perfect is for serious students only, and we are firm on our refund policy. We are COMPLETELY invested in making sure you have the best experience possible, so please email us with any questions about enrolling and we will always give you an honest answer so you can make the best decision for you.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

We’d love to talk to you! I believe in business investments, but I also believe in SMART business investments. You’re more than welcome to drop us a line at, or just stay on this page until the chat box pops up in the right hand corner. My team and I are standing by to make sure you’re able to make the best decision possible.

What topics do the pitch templates cover?

You’ll get a range of pitch templates, because there are SO many ways to secure brand deals! From giveaways to exclusives, partnerships for social media coverage (and the combos that go into that: are you posting one Instagram? One Instagram and 2 blogs? A whole YouTube series?) follow up emails, contract and invoice templates, pitching a hotel collab, guest post, working with PR agencies and more, I’ll be teeing you up with a whole batch of varied of pitch templates so we can get you on track to a more sustainable income.


Terms and Conditions


Due to the immediate, direct access to all course materials, videos and assets, we do not offer refunds of any kind for Pitch It Perfect or Instantly Influence. Please read the details and description of each module on so you understand exactly what you are buying. It’s like registering for a college course. If you register with the intent to learn, but don’t show up, the school doesn’t give you a refund. Same rules apply here. Please do not enroll if you just want to “check it out.” We have put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this program, and we expect you to do the same. Pitch It Perfect is for serious students only, and we are firm on our refund policy. We are COMPLETELY invested in making sure you have the best experience possible, so please email us with any questions about enrolling and we will always give you an honest answer so you can make the best decision for you.

For more information on our Terms & Conditions, head over to