The only coaching program program that teaches you how to move from side hustle defeat to full-time income with paid brand deals and content your proud of—in less than one week.

I custom-designed Pitch It Perfect so you can grow and make consistent money with REAL strategy—and less of a “Hail Mary/let’s see if this works” strategy.

And now?

I’m handing it over to you.

Pitch It Perfect is made up of …

NEW! LIVE Bi-Weekly Coaching with Julie to get your specific questions answered.

It’s simple. We’re dedicated to helping you grow.  Throughout the program—and then forever! (Value: Priceless)


You also get…


  • Dozens of customizable templates, resources, and pricing tools I use to hone what your pitch should say and include … and how to follow up and get paid with confidence.
  • Easy to follow lessons with 15 video trainings and 5 audio trainings, teaching you the step-by-step processes I’ve taught to over 5,000 goal getters just like you who make 4, 5 and 6-figures a month without some crazy 100K following, exhausting viral reel or dozens of google search tabs open.
  • Ongoing support and the opportunity to learn from, connect and network with other members.
PLUS, you’ll get the exact framework I’ve used to help creators just like you…


Choose the Pitch Plan That’s Right For You


One payment of


Three monthly payments of
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Success Stories

What’s Included

  • NEW: LIVE Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls With Julie
  • 6 Overview Packets for each Module with over 380 pages of content (called Pitch Sheets!)
  • 30+ Pitch Templates Covering Various Topics to Copy and Tweak for Emails, DMs and more
  • 55+ Brand Pitch Email Thread Examples (behind the scenes examples from students in various niches showing how they landed a deal, from beginning to end)
  • Customizable Press Kit Template
  • Customizable Pitch Report Spreadsheet
  • 20+ Real Life Press Kit Examples
  • 10+ Real Life Elevator Pitch Examples
  • Contract Template
  • Invoice Template

What's included in Pitch It Perfect.

PLUS, you also get instant access to ...

  • Is Mobile, Desktop And Tablet Friendly – you can work it from anywhere!
  • Lets You Work At Your Own Pace And Time
  • Lets You Choose The Format Where You Learn Best – Video, Audio, Downloadable and Written Transcripts
  • Lets You Revisit As Often As You Want, The Materials Are Yours For Life!
  • Is Easy To Get Through in Just 2 Hours and 45 Minutes!

Pitch It Perfect Curriculum

Pitch It Perfect consists of 5 Modules that make up your core pitching foundation. Each training is specifically designed to help you craft pitch strategies that connect with skill and convert to lucrative deals.


The Purpose of Pitching

  • Creating Your Brand Values so YOU stand out to brands… so you can make sure to land the brand deals that align with your purpose & where your brand is going.
  • The 3 Brand Essentials that brands are looking for … and how you can target & solve their problems.
  • The Best Way to Figure Out What Brands Even Want—plus, the 2 things that they’ll look for on your feed, so you can easy-peasy tee them up in your Planoly/scheduling app of choice.
  • My 5-point filter to see if you should even pitch a brand or not. Hey, I’m looking out for YOU, and we can’t just bow down to the all-powerful brands. We need to make sure your hard-work benefits, too!
  • Module 1 Takes Just 21 Minutes to Complete!



Pitching Prep

  • Secret … you’ve gotta let the brand know you see their work. I’ll tell you how to look out for the collabs that are happening around you, to give you a one-up in your connection with the brand.
  • My Pitching By the Numbers Worksheet, so you can see how brands are inundated with requests … and walk with me as I tell you how you can stand out in all that noise.
  • The Elevator Pitch, you’ll learn my simple paint-by-number equation to copy/paste into your pitches, Instagram bio, about me page, and beyond, plus see over 10 elevator pitch examples from other students!
  • The Ultimate How to Training for Your Press Kit: From the number of brand fonts and colors to how long it should be (and where pricing goes), I’ll tell you everything … and give you a template and over 20 press kit examples to help you create your own.
  • Module 2 Takes Just 35 Minutes to Complete!



Pitching Principles

  • The 2 Things You Should Never Do in a Pitchand it’s ok. No judgement here if you’ve done this! We’re just gonna get you on the right track to letting the brands know you are a dreamboat fit.
  • Who (& When) to Pitch Anyway. I’m spilling the beans on who actually reads pitch emails, and who doesn’t … plus, what time and day to send your pitches guarantee better responses.
  • How to Find the Right Contact—let’s pull back the veil on what online tools, apps, and websites will give you the right contact information so lo and behold, the right email comes up (the first time).
  • Getting clear on your rates and negotiation power. I walk you through the ins and outs of your rates. You learn the importance of  your rate calculation ‘big picture’ and the 5 factors that control how much you can charge in this industry. You also get the rate sheet calculation formula to factor your rates, and why (and how) to price test your rates so you get the best collaboration outcome possible! 
  • Module 3 Takes 45 Minutes to Complete!

Pitching Practices

  • The Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines Cheat Sheet. From the number of words to the content, I’ll teach you how to to stand out in your subject line and give you 20 email subject lines you can use to pitch.
  • 20 Influencer Pitch Templates so you know just how to write to PR reps, both in content and layout, from media contributions and beyond (and even a few for if you’re just starting out).
  • 3 Steps to Negotiation Strategy—and my 7 Must-Ask Negotiation Questions. Don’t you worry your pretty little head: I’ll shoot you straight on how to ask for MORE than just product (which doesn’t pay the grocery bill) or more cash in your pocket!
  • Behind the Scenes of 55 Successful Pitches: From sponsored posts to blogs, gifted offers to paid deals, to specific numbers in a brand deal offer,  you get to dig into real life examples of how this all goes down from seeing how people just like you land a brand deal from beginning to end. 
  • Module 4 Takes 41 Minutes to Complete!


  • The Follow-Up Email Template–my secret weapon in charming the pants off your new PR rep contacts with a thoughtful engagement that helps them out with their goals … to get love, you gotta get love, and my Follow-Up formula is how it’s done with smarts.
  • Why You Need a Contract to legitimize you as a brand so you don’t get burned … plus, accounting and invoicing 101 for influencers advice led by a certified attorney.
  • Next Action Steps—I’m holding your hand as we talk about next steps and how to implement, from your copy to marketing to your target audience and beyond.
  • Module 5 Takes 7 Minutes to Complete!


Choose the Pitch Plan That’s Right For You


One payment of


Three monthly payments of
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Enroll now and you’ll also get these



Brand Contact Directory

(Value: Priceless)

Are you having trouble contacting a brand? No worries, we got you covered! When you enroll in our quarterly plan, you immediately have access to our brand contact database. The database is filled with over  220X brand contacts, and growing every month! The database contains contacts from a variety of industries, including fashion, travel, hospitality, lifestyle, home, beauty, wellness, health, and others. This is the best way to jump-start your pitching with clarity and confidence. (**Quarterly Enrollment Only)


Brand Deal Database

(Value: Priceless)

Additionally, the Brand Contact Directory contains a Brand Deal Database with information and feedback from students who have worked with brands. In this database, you can find out what brands paid other students, how much they were paid, and how the brand deal was secured. In that way, you're better equipped to land a great brand deal! Since the directory is constantly updated by students, you are always in the loop about what's happening in the industry, what brands pay, and how the entire process works in full transparency. (**Quarterly Enrollment Only)


Monthly Pitch Audits with Julie

(Value: $2500/month)

Never again will you guess how to write pitches, create a press kit, negotiate with brands, or turn a gifted offer into a paid offer! When you have access to a pitch audit with Julie every month you get questions answered with real-time support and convert more brand deal opportunities!


Private Community Group

(Value: $2500/month)

Community is Pitch It Perfect's secret weapon! The second you join the program you're instantly invited to be a part of an incredible global family where you can share ideas and feedback! Specifically, we talk negotiations, how to respond to brand deal offers, and get feedback on our pitches, press kits, elevator pitches and more in this group daily! Our community is what helps students get out of the learning, and into the profits! When you put yourself in a supportive, forward-moving environment with people who are committed to helping you, you can easily 5x the speed and size of your results!


Community Directory

(Value: Priceless)

We give you direct and immediate access to placement on our global community directory. Our community is what helps students get out of the learning, and into the profits! Here you can build relationships with other members, collaborate together, and help each other grow faster and easier than ever before!


Pitch Answer Vault

(Value: $1500/month)

Need help with a pitch, how to respond to a brand, what to charge, or more? The brand new Answer Vault lets you find exactly what you need. In the vault, you will find over 50 (and growing) of the most frequently asked questions we have received from students over the years. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips with this vault's easy-to-use search bar!

TOTAL VALUE: Over $10,000

Wondering if brand deals still happen during uncertain times?

Why Pitch It Perfect? Simple...It Works.

Here's proof

“I would truly pay for this course 50 times over because it was simply THAT good.”

“Being somewhat new to the blogging world, Julie was the perfect mentor that I needed to get on the right path. Pitch It Perfect was the absolute best, most informative program for this industry that I have come across. After completing the course, my blog began seeing 20K+ pageviews, and my Instagram followers grew from 7K to 40K+ all in one year! More importantly, I was able to start making upwards of $4,000-$5,000 monthly (on brand deals alone) in my FIRST year of blogging. With resources in this course, I was even able to negotiate and land my first $5,500 brand deal with one well-known, reputable company that I strongly admire – a dream come true!

As I'm continuing to see a steady growth in numbers across my blog and social media outlets, that dollar amount is also steadily climbing – all thanks to PIP! I would truly pay for this course 50 times over because it was simply THAT good.” 

– Peyton Baxter

“I went from making $0 to $50,000 in one year from taking this course!”

Before Pitch it Perfect I was being offered gifted products but not landing paid brand deals. I started researching brand deals and found Pitch It Perfect. It was scary at first to invest in myself and buy the course but then I said, “Taryn, what is the problem? You'll buy shoes, you'll buy clothes, why are you struggling with investing in yourself to possibly grow your business?” I had to really get myself past the money piece. I learned more about Pitch It Perfect and how the course would actually help my brand. I wrote out the struggle points in my business and then determined if Pitch It Perfect would address those, and it did. I took Pitch It Perfect in May 2018 and got through the course in a couple of weeks. At that time I was making $0, but in just one month after taking Pitch It Perfect I landed my largest paid brand deal ever. I was able to recoup my investment in Pitch It Perfect in one month! I finished that year making $50K and ever since taking the course, I make over 6-figures a year consistently. Pitch It Perfect gave me the confidence I needed to land consistent paid brand deals.”

– Taryn Newton

“I just landed a $7,000 offer with a brand. I’m officially making more than my full time job!

Super pumped to share that I closed a $7,000 deal! I’m officially making more than my full time job. This month alone I’ll make double my current income. Just wanted to encourage everyone here that you can totally do it!

– Bailey Anderson Hawkins

“I’ve made over $4,000 in brand deals and only have 2,000 followers!”

Before Pitch It Perfect, my income from brand deals was $1,200. After taking the course I've made over $4,070 in just 6 months! Pitch It Perfect has shown me my worth, even though I have a little over 2,000 followers. I'm charging more, no longer accept free product as a form of payment, and I now have the tools and confidence that I can turn my passion into a career.

– Cassie Brady

“We have gone full time as a blogger in 3 1/2 months thanks to Pitch It Perfect”

We have made over $25,000 in 3 ½ months since joining Pitch It Perfect. We also had our first 5 figure month ever! We’ve landed a ton of campaigns using Pitch It Perfect with companies including OLAY, YellowTail, Lulus, NEST Bedding, and Target!”

-Caleb & Stefanie Rouse

She landed a brand deal with only 560 Instagram followers!

I pitched to my all time favorite lipstick brand and they have added me to their exclusive re-launch campaign! I only started blogging 3 months ago and have 560 IG followers. Most of all, I’m proud of how I was able to develop the relationship further with this brand through my follow up emails. Thank you Pitch It Perfect for the confidence to just go for it!

– Adrianna Bohrer

Pitch It Perfect has changed the way she looks at herself as a blogger! She simply enjoys life while making money!

I purchased Pitch It Perfect 2 weeks ago and the main thing I was looking for is education. I celebrated my one year anniversary a few weeks ago as a blogger but still feel kinda clueless on how to monetize. This course has changed the way I look at myself as a blogger. I no longer wait for the Rewardstyle affiliate sales but simply enjoy my life. I have pitched to 10 brands and today got 2 paid offers. More than I made all year with Rewardstyle. I’m incredibly grateful to start rebuilding my confidence and know my worth is more than a dress sale. It feels so amazing and freeing! I am spending time creating content, pitching and learning how to make a press kit to send to brands. I hope that’s an encouragement to not give up. I’m so grateful to be apart of Pitch It Perfect!

– Nelli Kal

She used to post content for free, now she makes $3,600!

I negotiated a brand deal and they are now paying me $3600!!! I never charged for posts prior to taking this course. In the last month I have acquired 8 paid contracts, including this one!!!! 

– Nicole Trigger

She went from $0 to $1,000 in just six months!

I just landed a 4-figure campaign and they’re giving me a bonus and boosting my post as an ad! Feeling so grateful right now. Hard work DOES pay off! Six months ago I was accepting work for $30 or just nothing at all. Thank you Julie Solomon for creating this awesome course and giving us the confidence to ask for what we deserve!

– Steffie Price

She’s landing thousands in brand deals every single month with confidence!

Since enrolling in Pitch It Perfect, I’ve landed between $1,500 – $3,000 every single month! Pitch It Perfect helped me to become more confident in pitching and landing more brand deals! I no longer feel like I have no power when when negotiating deals with brands!

– Bianca Palumbo

“I purchased Pitch It Perfect 2 days ago and already have a brand deal.”

Bought the course just 2 days ago and am flying through all the content! Just reached out to a brand and already have something in the works! I am so excited right now!

– Joanna Faith Williams

Okay, Julie.

How do I make this work?


Click the enrollment button, tap your mouse through the check-out, and boom: in just a few minutes, an email will hit your inbox (lookout for the subject line Pitch It Perfect, You’re In: Next Steps!) with login details, bonus access and a access to our private community.


Join Julie for LIVE coaching calls Join Julie for LIVE coaching calls and start the program! You can get through this program in as little 3 hours if you choose! Study up on the 5 modules and dive into the bonuses—they’re all ready and waiting on you!


After covering the curriculum, you’re ready to pitch brand deals like a boss. From pricing and negotiation tactics down to the wording of your pitches, you’re explaining your value and securing paid content!

and no, it’s not for everyone.

But, you may be a fit for Pitch It Perfect if …

  • You’re not obsessed with being an Insta-celeb.
    C’mon now. You KNOW beauty samples and YouTube followers don’t pay the tab during a girls night on the town. You’re more of a social media lover than socialite, and very okay with that.
  • You’re pro-authentic growth, thumbs down gimmicks.
    You’re a smart cookie, and with algorithm smarts these days, you know that true engagement with your followers is what’s going to tick those numbers up, up, up—and that doesn’t happen in two sleeps.
  • You’re a hard-worker.
    Watching my parents raise me taught me the value of a little elbow grease, and that’s how Pitch It Perfect works, too.
  • You’d rather learn “how to fish” yourself.
    Sure, you could hire someone like me every time you wanted to secure deals. But that’s not my goal (plus, publicity experts like me are expensive, $5,000+ a month expensive). I want to teach you how to do this on your own, so you don’t have to hire me or someone like me ever again, if you don’t want to. I could either fish for you or teach you to fish … and I think you know what the best choice is.
  • You’re brand new and ready to roll.
    Your goal isn’t to be followed by everyone, but to share a message that maybe just that one person really needs—let’s start out together on the right foot.
  • You’ve been at this for a while, just haven’t landed those regular 4+-digit brand partnerships, and you’re sure as heck not doing it consistently.
    You know even if your content is good, and maybe you’ve had a brand deal win here and there, that doesn’t translate into followers/ significant growth/longevity, and you’re ready to learn how that works.

What’s the cost of all this?

Yup. You could keep at the post-for-product exchange going, rack up a pretty sweet samples drawer, and still feel like the glam life of your feed is a distant cry from what’s *actually* in your bank account.

Or, you could get over the intimidation factor of reaching out to brands once and for all.

You could move beyond likes … and move toward paydays with tried and tested strategies that you land dream deals and account growth.

Swipe the very step-by-step pitch system thousands of creators just like you use to leverage brand deals every day, even when the economy doesn’t feel so picture perfect.

Let’s get you from pitch crickets to paid campaigns.

About Julie

Julie Solomon is the founder of Pitch It Perfect, best-selling author of Get What You Want and host of the chart-topping The Influencer Podcast. 

As an expert with over 15+ years in marketing, public relations, and personal branding, she has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, SUCCESS, Huffington Post, and People Magazine. With her viral podcast achieving millions of downloads in more than 178 countries, Julie was recently named as one of the Top 100 leaders in influencer marketing.

Throughout her decade-plus career in publicity and branding, she has spearheaded campaigns for best-selling authors who have collectively sold over 100 million books worldwide and entertainment acts who have gone on to capture an array of accolades including GRAMMYs. 

Since 2016, she’s worked with thousands of content creators, bloggers and influencers, helping them land over $1 million in paid brand campaigns, and she herself has landed over $800,000 in branded partnerships and sponsorships.

Since 2016, she’s worked with thousands of content creators, bloggers and influencers, helping them land over $1 million in paid brand campaigns, and she has landed over $600,000 in branded partnerships and sponsorships.

With degrees in Journalism and Communications, her proven experience empowers creators to expand their brand and grow their influence.

Julie believes your hard work shouldn’t go unpaid.

You deserve to be paid for the audience you’ve worked so hard to bring together, no matter the size.

… and now, it’s time to hand over the education to YOU!

“I’m confident of the content I’m producing.”

“Before taking Pitch It Perfect, I had been nervous to pitch. I have under 3,000 followers and felt like I’d come off as a joke. Since taking Pitch It Perfect, I’m confident of the content I’m producing. I pitch companies all the time and they always want to work with me! I am so happy right now!”

– Andrea Talbert

“If I had to sum up Pitch It Perfect in 2 words? PURE. MAGIC.”

“I decided to IMMEDIATELY put Pitch It Perfect to use and within 12 hours of finishing the program, I landed 3 automatic yes emails! Pitch It Perfect has tailored templates paired with the couture approach to the influencing world. This alone was absolute GOLD and is worth every dime spent for the program. As a small business owner with a background career in acting and modeling, I can attest that self promotion + handling rejection is not easy! But Pitch It Perfect gives you specific gems for navigating those topics. I highly recommend this course to anyone from beginning stages to advanced if they are needing some sparkle to their pitch game!

– CC Barber

“Now I have long-lasting campaigns!”

I never really thought I’d be able to score brand deals with less than 10,000 followers, but it happened! Now I have long-lasting campaigns with two brands for $400-500 each. For my first paid collabs, I’m elated!”

– Emily Harris

“I've established long-term partnerships”

“I've established long-term partnerships and have deposited nearly $5,000 in my new business bank account. For context: I had zero paid partnerships last year. I'm so pumped!



Choose the Pitch Plan That’s Right For You


One payment of


Three monthly payments of
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Is Pitch It Perfect for YOU? Some FAQs...

Everything is online — no travel required.

You have lifetime access to the training, so you can go through the materials on your own time and work at your own pace.

This program has been running strong since 2016. We’re often imitated, but never duplicated. Pitch It Perfect is concise, action-oriented, purpose-driven and transformative. Most importantly, the students that dedicate to this get results FAST! We’re constantly updating and improving every aspect of the program, and our alums get those updates free of charge for life.

No way, girl! Whether you’ve had your blog since before it was cool to SAY you had a blog, or you’re literally just starting out, you’re just fine and right on track in the Pitch It Perfect community. In fact, we’ve had stellar success stories from women in their very first year of blogging—like Peyton, mentioned above, who started making $4-5K monthly in her first year of blogging … all from brand deals.

Pitch It Perfect is ideal if you’re just starting out because it’ll train you to think like a pitch expert, become your own publicist and avoid the costly mistakes even smart, experienced bloggers and influencers make when pitching for the first time.

From beauty, motherhood, fashion, integrative wellness, travel and home decor bloggers to photographers, social media and PR agency owners, freelance content creators, designers, vegan chefs, e-course creators, TV correspondents, yogis, writers, scuba divers, stylists and every niche of speaker, author, coach and consultant — the range of unique and diverse creatives in Pitch It Perfect is one of our most honored qualities. If you are someone who wants to learn how to pitch, build relationships with brands and work toward landing brand deals consistently, then Pitch It Perfect will work for you.

Probably not as many as you think. 🙂 We’ve had success stories come out of Pitch It Perfect with less than 600 followers. What I do is teach about mastering the skill set of pitching, which I’ve spent over 15 years mastering as a publicist, blogger, and entrepreneur myself. I’ve seen much better results when influencers spend time building an authentic following, because when your engagement rates rock, you’ll be much more suited to pitch brands. And don’t worry—I teach you all about figuring the math behind those rates before you pitch, too!

You got it. We talk about actual numbers and specifics, when to bring them up and how to negotiate a higher offer, all the way to how exactly to invoice, so you’re covered.

You’ll get a range of pitch templates, because there are SO many ways to secure brand deals! From giveaways to exclusives, partnerships for social media coverage (and the combos that go into that: are you posting one Instagram? One Instagram and 2 blogs? A whole YouTube series?) follow up emails, contract and invoice templates, pitching a hotel collab, guest post, working with PR agencies and more, I’ll be teeing you up with a whole batch of varied pitch templates so we can get you on track to a more sustainable income. I’ll also welcome you to join me in the monthly pitch audits so you can see first hand how I craft and edit your pitches for specific niches.

We outline the specific course breakdown, including the core curriculum, resources, and additional bonus included in the content above. I would recommend reviewing this page in its entirety so you are fully prepped and aware of what to expect. Broadly speaking, we don’t cover how to pitch and secure corporate funding for your business venture, bank loans or investment capital. We also don’t cover anything dealing with manufacturing, distribution, choosing legal business structures, insurance, and trademarking. We do give a general overview of legal, taxes and liability relating to the influencer marketing industry, but we are not attorneys or accountants. For all legal, insurance and tax ad­vice, you need to consult your attorney and your accountant.

If you consider yourself a fairly advanced marketer, or if you already have a strong understanding of traditional and online marketing, publicity, pitching, public relations, virtual and in person business communications, or branding and messaging strategies including mission statements, press kits and elevator pitches, or if you are consistently landing thousands of dollars a month in brand deals and scale that yourself just fine already— this experience isn’t right for you.

I didn’t create Pitch It Perfect to be a huge, bulky system to gather digital dust in your inbox—instead, it was specifically created to give actionable, to-the-point info so you can get through it in a 3 hour setting or however you want to pace that out… the goal is to get you through the Pitch It Perfect system so we can start getting you some results! Most of my students have said that they were able to knock it out in one setting or in short spurts in the evenings and weekends. The beauty of it all? The private community, templates, and curriculum are there for you to constantly reference as you pitch and catch brand deals for years to come. To be clear, there are no fast or guaranteed results. Building a solid revenue stream is not a weekend event. This program mirrors the reality of entrepreneurship — it’s a journey, not a sprint. It taks testing and tweaking and consistency, and something you’ll work on for the life of your business.

FOR LIFETIME! This is for life, friend! As long as the internet is around, you’ll have the capability to reference Pitch It Perfect files, videos, templates, and community resources. I’m not planning on going anywhere, and I’m here to make sure this investment pays off for as long as you want to have a career in the influencing space.

YES! 1000% YES! If I ever update Pitch It Perfect you will get immediate access to the new updated information, templates, workbooks, etc. Plus if you are a pay in full student you will also get all pay in full bonuses that may come with every update!

No. Julie’s other programs are completely separate from Pitch It Perfect. In Pitch It Perfect, we dive deep into a single skillset: pitching. Then, we take that skillset and teach you how to use it to attract and negotiate brand deals and other branded opportunities.

This is a group learning experience so getting guidance and support is never more than a few minutes away. You’ll have outstanding support from Julie, her team and the thousands in our community by your side. You get direct feedback from Julie if you participate in the monthly audits. This program is created by Julie and she is active in the Facebook Community on a weekly basis, but we can’t guarantee individual feedback from her. If you are looking for business coaching from Julie, you will not get that in Pitch It Perfect. Business coaching is only offered in her coaching program, SHINE.

No. While the majority of our students are women, we have a powerful and growing audience of male students. The content is not gender-specific and everyone is welcome.

You can sign up at any time.

We don’t offer discounts or promotional codes for Pitch It Perfect.

Due to the immediate access to the program and all of it’s materials and bonuses, we do not offer refunds for Pitch It Perfect. Please do not enroll in Pitch It Perfect if you just want to “check it out” or looking for a cookie cutter “plug and play” system to make money. This isn’t a “get rich quick” program. It’s a “get great over a period of time” program. We put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this program, and we expect you to do the same. Pitch It Perfect is for serious students only.

Absolutely! The course works as long as you work it. All videos and transcriptions are in English. So we do recommend having a strong understanding of the spoken and written English language. Please pay attention to any and all currency rates and foreign transaction fees that may occur, as the financial responsibility is yours.

We accept all common credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. For pay-in-full orders we also accept PayPal. We are not currently set up to receive checks or invoices.

We’d love to talk to you! I believe in business investments, but I also believe in SMART business investments. You’re more than welcome to drop us a line at My team and I are standing by to make sure you’re able to make the best decision possible.

Absolutely not! Julie’s programs compliment each other very well but are in no way dependent on each other. They are distinct programs that you enroll in separately and do not overlap at all.

How does instantly sound? 🙂 As soon as you click the button above and enroll, I’ll pop into your inbox with login info so you can hop into the program. In our Welcome Module, you’ll find an overview packet that includes access to the private community, so you can jump inside and begin chatting with like-minded pitchers, see what’s working for them, and get feedback from me and my team.

There’s more free information available to you on the topics covered on the podcast and throughout my website than has ever been since the beginning of mankind. But if you’re not aware of what you need to know and what you don’t, all the free information in the world won’t help. Hello analysis paralysis! Bottom line – there is no secret formula. It’s about showing up, doing the work, and levering your strength to become the highest version of yourself. Putting yourself in Pitch It Perfect means putting yourself in an environment designed to help you master the skill set of pitching – and create a killer business doing it!

BUT, will this really work for ME?

It works if YOU work it!


Choose the Pitch Plan That’s Right For You


One payment of


Three monthly payments of
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