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How to land big brand deals in 5 simple steps ...even with a small following!

Think you need a giant following to land brand deals? Think again...

Get the 5 easy steps that take you from “crickets” to landing bankable collaborations!

You’ll learn:

  • What A Successful Pitch Template Should Say – You Get To Copy My Template!
  • What You Must Research About A Brand To Land A Paid Deal
  • What To Include In A Press Kit To Stick Out To Brands...Even If You've Never Worked With A Brand Before
  • The #1 Thing Your Must Create To Beat The Algorithm And Pitch With Success
  • PLUS – The 5 Pitch Blocks You Don't Even Know You're Making That Are Keeping You Stuck + How To Overcome Them
  • The Elevator Pitch Tip You Must Use To Grow Followers And Attract Brand Deals

Plus, just by showing up I’m giving you a free pitch template:

Grab your free pitch template that you can use to start pitching brands TODAY. I've personally used this pitch template countless times to get my foot in the door and land thousands of dollars worth of partnerships!

This template is FREE OF CHARGE when you join the workshop!

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